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Yep, Portal 2 is Great

One of the downsides of movie and video game podcasting is that when a Big Event comes along, everyone and their second uncle records an episode about it, flooding the world with very similar content for a couple weeks. That’s the sort of scenario which played out with the release of Portal 2. Everyone’s played it. Everyone seems to love it. Me, too. It really is that good. Every part I love about the original is here, but on a grand scale worthy of a big-budget theatrical sequel. But in my opinion, this is The¬†Godfather Part II of sequels- one which truly equals or surpasses the original. What I found most thrilling in Portal 2 was the sense of scale. There are environments which appear and feel massive, complete with hulking constructs large enough to be intimidating. Once my character made her way behind the curtain of Aperture Science’s testing facilities, I was completely hooked. So far, my game of the year.