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On the Road in Higginsville

The babblers went on the road today, in order to visit the Davis Theatre 4 in Higginsville, MO. This theater currently is one of three featured on TC Kirkham’s Save Our Screens (SOS) site. When we learned it was only two hours from home, we knew we had to take the trip. If you’ve listened to our Palaces, Drive-Ins and Multiplexes episode (#102), you’ve heard my story of the two palace-style theaters in the town I grew up in. Both were an integral part of my childhood, and any chance to visit similar venues is something I can’t miss.

The details of our adventure can wait until I’ve had a chance to edit the audio. But I wanted to post this special message tonight, just to thank the handful of people we briefly met today at the Davis 4:

Thank you, Darrin, Sara and Taylor Jensen (if I’m correctly spelling your names). We hope you enjoyed watching The Lorax today, and greatly appreciate your advice to visit the Confederate cemetery just north of town. We spent some time there taking photos and video, and enjoyed every second of it.

Thank you, Jackie, Blake, and Matt- the staff at the Davis Theatre 4. We buzzed into town without much of a plan, and you were nice enough to allow us to wander around a bit. I may not remember names to save my life, but I certainly won’t forget our visit. If it all seems a little strange, I hope you’ll give the show a listen, and like what you hear.

Visit the Davis 4 Theater’s page, and see how you can help save their screens:  http://davistheatre.com/

For more information, visit TC’s Save Our Screens page: http://sos.pnrnetworks.com