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Favorite Sci-Fi Vehicles: Invasion Destroyer

Alien invasion destroyer
Film: Independence Day (1996)

I don’t know the official name of these hulking saucers, but they certainly make an entrance. The invading aliens in Independence Day arrive in style, aboard thirty-six identical, fifteen-mile-wide craft, which are deployed from their mother ship. Despite being vulnerable to a jet up the pie hole (and what isn’t, really?), these destroyers are incredibly intimidating. Especially when arriving in a roiling, atmospheric cloud of flame and death. One of the better arrivals in sci-fi history. White House shield recommended.

Favorite Sci-Fi Vehicles: Corvette Transport

Vehicle: Corvette Class Transport
Film/s: Starship Troopers (1997)

Taking on the Arachnid horde is tough work, and the Fleet Corvette-class transport ships are here to deliver marines to the front lines. Given names of famous generals and battles, these powerful ships carry a wealth of dropships and personnel, and can take quite a beating… which they have to on a regular basis. Bugs is tough, ya know? Certainly cool, even if they look a bit like whales.