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Our Travels and Babbles

We may babble about movies, but that hasn’t kept me from posting other odd adventures we’ve had over the years. The handful of travel episodes I’ve produced are among our favorites, and best represent the time capsule of experiences Amber and I envisioned for Cavebabble seven years ago (as of September 22). They were grueling to edit, but completely worth it. I’m sure they always will mean much more to us than to our listeners, but I’ve tried to keep them funny and interesting. If you would like to enjoy one of these episodes, I’ve gathered the links here, so that you don’t need to scroll through our feed, searching for them yourself. I hope you hear something you enjoy.

Cavebabble 226: In Search of the Sanctum of Caves and Mines (2015)

Cavebabble 199: The Great Colorado Babble Road Trip 2014

Cavebabble 166: The Great Babbling Road Trip 2013

Cavebabble 145: Disney of the Dead (2012)

Cavebabble 129: John Carter Lives at the Davis Theater (2012)

Cavebabble Episode 74: Americana Tour- The Return Home (2010)

Cavebabble Episode 73: Americana Tour- Missouri to Myrtle Beach (2010)

Rum and Coca Cola and Columbia

I love my family. We still do nearly everything together, and now and then they really crack me up. We hit Columbia yesterday to see the latest Pirates movie (average at best), and while we cruised the streets, Courtney had her MP3 player plugged into the car’s system, blaring 40s and 50s music of all things. We rolled the windows down, and shared the cheese with the world. There’s something special about rocking to Rum and Coca Cola. It’s just not something you expect a 17-yr-old to have on her player! This era of music is big with both Amber and her, and I love it.

Cavebabble Episode 25: What’s an EyeOh?

Turn the volume to 11, and enjoy some video game theme music! I’m flying solo tonight, so spend an episode exploring the music I’ve been writing since 1993, under the band name EyeOh. Join me! It’s guaranteed to be the only podcast to offer a karaoke contest between Soul Calibur characters. This episode is brought to you by Yoshi and the Mitsu’s.