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Big Changes to Cavebabble, Thanks to Mevio

Those already part of our Facebook group have heard what is heading our way: Mevio, the current host of all our podcast episodes, has decided to shut down all outside-produced content, which includes Cavebabble, as well as the other PNR Networks shows. In just nine days, our past episode files no longer will be available, and deleted from Mevio’s servers.

We are in the process of lining up a replacement service for Mevio for file hosting. With 8.41 GB of past content, how we handle the back-catalog is still up in the air. With how I have the iTunes feed set, we should be able to migrate to the new location without interrupting service, or having to resubmit a new feed (which would be horrible!). If I upload all past episodes to the new servers, I will then need to go through all past postings, and update the show links. Long story short, I’m not sure what form all this will take, how many back episodes we will keep, or how long I will have the few remaining hairs I still cherish. I will keep this blog updated with the latest news, and hope we do not lose too many listeners in the process.

Thanks for listening, everyone, and hopefully this inconvenience will be a small one.

For a great explanation/rant about all this madness, read TC Kirkham’s post here:
Mevio Shuts Down, screws hundreds of podcasters; What next for PNR Networks podcasts?