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One Bad Costume (Helmet): Tron in Tron

This may be another case of men in ugly tights for most viewers, but for me, it’s all about the helmets. They’re just plain dorky. Having said that, there is a geek-sized place in my heart for Tron, no matter what the costumes look like. I’m in line right now for Tron: Legacy. Look at the character art for that movie- no shower caps, and very few helmets. Looks like they’ve learned something.

One Bad Costume: Buck Rogers

Sorry, Gil Gerard fans, but only four men in history have looked great in white tights and boots. Beyond this, what says “target” more than a soldier in pure white? He should fight alongside Imperial storm troopers! Before you call him monochromatic, though, check out that snazzy rainbow arm band. At least he’s in great shape.

One Bad Costume: Judge Dredd in Judge Dredd

This is a great example of a costume which doesn’t translate well between the image on a page and an actor on a screen. As a comic, Dredd’s uniform is just fine. As a live image, not so much. From the massive golden shoulder eagle to the half-shade helmet, Stallone looks… well, a bit silly. Not to mention that codpiece. Guilty pleasure alert: I’m one of ten people who actually like this film. It may have something to do with the presence of Diane Lane. Okay, a lot to do with the presence of Diane Lane.

One Bad Costume: Dr. McCoy in Star Trek: The Motion Picture

It’s no secret that I absolutely love the Star Trek universe, in all forms other than Enterprise. When it comes to questionable costume choices, however, the original television series and films have produced some tasty examples. My personal favorite is good old Dr. McCoy as he first appears in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Mountain man beard, huge medallion, dominant belt buckle. Hubba hubba! Somehow, the Seventies are transported to the 23rd century. Deforest Kelley donned enough of these types of clothes in the films that I wonder if they were much different from his actual wardrobe.