Cavebabble is Dead… Long Live Cavebabble!

Our time with Mevio is finished, and all our episodes have been transferred to Libsyn. Oddly enough, that’s where we started 5 1/2 years ago, before being lured away by free hosting. Despite being disappointed by a skimpy 10-day warning that everything would be killed, bitterly complaining about a service we paid nothing for doesn’t make much sense. We saved nearly three years’ worth of monthly fees. Would I do it again? Probably not. Support for free services is non-existent, and although leaning on stats to determine success isn’t a good way to… well, determine success, I’m glad to have reliable ones again. Libsyn offered free transfers to Mevio orphans, and it was greatly appreciated. It makes good business sense on their end, and fosters good will from producers like me. I don’t have any power, really, but I can add a small voice to thank them.

For those subscribed through iTunes, you shouldn’t notice a change, other than possibly having all past episodes opened up for download. I’ve redirected our Feedburner feed, and it seems to be handling iTunes just fine. For those visiting here, all links to episodes in this blog have been updated to the new file locations. For those subscribing through other services, using our Feedburner feed is the best option:

For all the links which may have been shared in others’ posts, re-posts and recommendations, I can’t replace them, but I can thank you for sharing them. You’ll probably never read this, but just in case…

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