One Cool Robot: Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation

Data (yes, androids are robots)
Approximate size: Exact height of Brent Spiner
Film(s)/Television show(s): Anything dealing with the Next Generation of Star Trek

It’s fortunate that Data plays for the good guys in TNG, because he would be one formidable enemy. And that’s not taking into account his ability to sing opera with Picard. Unfortunately, Data sacrificed himself in Nemesis. As luck would have it,though, ¬†another Data lookalike, B-4 (really?), was found, and at the end of the film seems to have some of Data’s memories. I guess you could say that… wait for it… B-4 you know it, Data will be running around the quadrant once more! Wha-ha! Humor! I love it! Perhaps I should turn off my emotion chip?

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