Unknown Actor Appreciation: Mickey Jones

Actor: Mickey Jones
Age: 68
You know him from: Any film needing a biker, trucker, or mechanic- including National Lampoon’s Vacation, Starman, Total Recall, Sling Blade
It’s everyone’s stereotypical biker, Mickey Jones! From beard to boots, Mickey’s place on this list is obvious. He’s instantly recognizable to most movie fans, yet until today, I didn’t know his name. Thanks, Mr. Jones, for taking the “Fat Biker” role on The Rockford Files in 1979, and never turning back.
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One thought on “Unknown Actor Appreciation: Mickey Jones”

  1. My mom is friends with Mickey… she met him when he played drums for Kenny Rogers' First Edition band. He also played drums for Bob Dylan.Two other popular appearances – as train rider on Mars in that Schwartzenegger flick… what was the name?… and for a breath mint commercial, where he's (again) riding a bus and a little old lady complements him on his breath.Super nice guy!

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