Free Juggling Lessons!

We won’t be able to podcast tonight, and I’m disappointed. I’ve gotten used to our schedule, and look forward to our Sunday evening recording sessions. It’s my own fault, though. When we first signed up for Libsyn space, I failed to keep in mind how archiving works. Once a podcast is one month old, Libsyn archives it, and frees up that much space to add another episode. Our first podcast was very short, and so the space made available when it archived was equally small. Since we already did a mini-cast last week, I didn’t want to get into a routine where we need to mini-cast two weekends in a row before getting enough space to have a regular show. Long story short, we will return next Sunday evening with a full-length episode, and be on the correct schedule from then on. In the meantime, I’ll work on some bonus content for the show.
I do know how to juggle three balls, but don’t have any lessons to share. Would you have read this post if I named it Incredibly Boring Excuse for Not Recording Tonight?
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