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Pure Cheese: Tron (1982)

Film: Tron

Stars: Bruce Boxleitner, Jeff Bridges, David Warner, Cindy Morgan

For video game and computer nerds in the early 80s, Tron is a shining monolith of goodness. I love it, too. It’s also a huge hunk of techno-talking cheese, wrapped in tights. I’ve already covered this one in my One Bad Costume list, but it certainly earns a spot here, as well. Did I mention I’m already in line for the sequel? No, really, I am.

One Bad Costume (Helmet): Tron in Tron

This may be another case of men in ugly tights for most viewers, but for me, it’s all about the helmets. They’re just plain dorky. Having said that, there is a geek-sized place in my heart for Tron, no matter what the costumes look like. I’m in line right now for Tron: Legacy. Look at the character art for that movie- no shower caps, and very few helmets. Looks like they’ve learned something.