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Remember That Movie About Transformers?

This one is just like that. Transformers: Dark of the Moon is an attempt to take the good parts from the original and its unfortunate sequel, smash them together, update the action to 2011 standards and tech, and splash it all over the screen. The fights are bigger, the bad guys badder, and the robots amped to eleven. It’s dumb fun for a while, and a real 3D showcase. It’s also too darn long by about twenty minutes or more, and shallow as a sink. It’s better than the last, on par with the original, and the last time I’m going to bother seeing these in the theater. Grade: C+

Why Am I Looking Forward to Transformers?

Why in the world am I looking forward to Transformers: Dark of the Moon? Did I learn nothing from my experience with Revenge of the Fallen? Yet here I am, just before it opens this weekend, planning to take my fellow Babblers to it. There must be something wrong with me, but I doubt Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg really care about my struggle. They’re too busy warming up those golden bathtubs of money they’ll be bathing in this weekend.