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Getting Back in the Twilight Zone

My latest interest is experiencing old television again. It started with a smattering of I Love Lucy, and is continuing with the original Twilight Zone. I’ve seen nearly all these episodes before, but it’s been a long time. The plots are classic, of course, but what I’ve been most struck by in this reexamination is the quality of the production. I’m streaming them on Netflix in HD, and the level of detail is fantastic. I’ve never seen these shows look better, and it’s a testament to the original production values that we have material able to shine this brightly. Big thumbs up. Can’t wait to experience it all.

Cavebabble Episode 101: Lucy, I’m Home!

In 1951, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz joined forces to produce one the most endearing and enduring American television shows in history, I Love Lucy. Tonight, we take a look at this iconic television program, and what made both it and Lucille Ball so popular. Along the way, we also cover tornadoes, read email, and even share a cookie recipe or two. Join us! This episode is brought to you by Eeeww.

Episode 101

The Battlestar Kept Me Awake

I’ve spent the last couple weeks obsessed with the most recent Battlestar Galactica series. When it first ran on television, I missed the boat, and decided not to jump into the series mid-stream. Thanks to Netflix, I finally took the plunge, becoming one of the last science fictions fans to watch it. I knew I was going to love it, but didn’t realize how much. This final week of episode watching took over my after-work life, including putting my blogging on hold. Finally, last night, I watched the final six episodes, wrapping up the main story. I can’t say I was completely satisfied, but I’ll hold on to those thoughts for an upcoming Cavebabble. Sure, I’m late to the party, but I can’t help but babble about it. May I sleep now?