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Cavebabble Episode 224: The Fantastic Top Secret World of Odd Thomas

Cavebabble 2012
Cavebabble creates a curious concoction of the latest Fantastic Four film, a Top Secret 80s Val Kilmer, and Anton Yelchin in Odd Thomas. Superheroes, skeet-shooting surfers, and a man that interacts with the dead. Join us! This episode is brought to you by All Over The Place.

Episode 224

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Kolchak Stalks the Night

Kolchak: The Night Stalker
was an odd beast when it debuted back in 1974. Probably too odd a beast to be successful. But without Night Stalker, there would be no X-Files, and subsequently, no Fringe. Thanks to Netflix streaming, Kolchak’s adventures are just a couple clicks away, and I’m enjoying the ride. Is it dated? Absolutely. Everything about it screams 1970s American television, yet Darren McGavin’s performance brings it all together. It’s goofy, cheesy fun, and a shame that it’s only 20 episodes long. Check it out!