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Bigfoot Lives!

My day job has me doing things such as storytelling. I was part of a nice outdoor end-0f-the-school-year activity day for an area school today. Groups of kids came through on a  rotating basis, and it was up to me and another guy to entertain these kids. Long story short, I have a fun Bigfoot story I tell, which changes nearly every time I tell it. Today, I spun that tale about ten times, for different groups, changing  bits and pieces in it each time, until it got pretty ridiculous, and eventually killed my voice.

It also worked me into the mood for a good Bigfoot/sasquatch movie. The only problem is that I don’t think one exists. A good one, anyway. I’m thinking of combining bad Bigfoot movies with Yeti and Nessie and Chupacabra ones, and making it a Cavebabble episode. Anyone interested?