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Subject: Cinebabble Episode 01: A Meeting of Minds

Cavebabble combines forces with TC Kirkham and Kim Brown, hosts of Subject: Cinema, for our first crossover show! A few weeks back, the hosts of both shows shared lists of terrible films for the others to be subjected to. Tonight, we discuss the first four films from those lists: Deadly Duo, The Impossible Kid, Birdemic: Shock and Awe, and Kung Fu Arts. It’s the first meeting of our podcast minds, but not the last. Look for our next crossover show in August!

Subject Cinebabble 01

Deadly Duo Quartet

We continue to prepare for our crossover episodes with Subject: Cinema by watching the kung fu “epic” Deadly Duo. As usual, the titles of these Chinese martial arts movies often have little to do with the actual plot. By the end, I still wasn’t sure which characters were the deadly duo, since for the most part there were at least four characters being randomly attacked throughout the movie. I can verify they were deadly, though, so at least half the title is true.