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Cavebabble Episode 264: Godzilla: King of the Nuclear Waste Adventure Trail

Cavebabble Episode 264 joins forces with Godzilla to save the world from Ghidorah, followed by a short hike over the top of nuclear waste. Godzilla loves hikes. Join us for a look at King of the Monsters, and a trip to the oddest hiking trail in Missouri. This episode is brought to you by Skreeonk.

Episode 264

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One Great Fight: Godzilla vs. Monster X/Kaiser Ghidorah in Final Wars

Battle: Godzilla takes on a new monster…. or does he?
Film: Godzilla: Final Wars (2004)

The number of monsters and super-soldiers fighting in Final Wars is ridiculous. But the award has to go to Godzilla and Monster X. The energy effects are the best in the series, and Monster X has quite a secret. It morphs into Ghidorah. Well, Kaiser Ghidorah, as I’m told. Whatever the name, this giant monster battle is great. See it!