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Cavebabble Episode 125: Crossing Netflix Streams

When Netflix infamously split its disk and streaming services, we decided to stick with streaming only. The final movie to arrive at our home was The American, and the ladies weren’t very happy about it. They assumed it was a typical action film, and not worthy of our final rental spot. The film ended up not being exactly what they thought it would be, but was close enough to make their point.

How predictable are the plots of movies I like to watch?

To answer this question, we devised a game. I would share titles of several films I recently watched via Netflix streaming. Based solely on these titles, the rest of the Babblers would have to guess what the films were about. Finally, I would share the actual plots, and review each film.

Cross Netflix streams with us, and dream up your own plot for these films! Also included is the latest Cavebabble Eats Odd Things. This episode is brought to you by Every Action Movie Ever.

Episode 125

(Short) Movie Review: Star Warp’d (2002)

Teeny Tiny Film:
Star Warp’d (2002)
Stars: Various ugly clay versions of famous science fiction characters
Director: Pete Schuermann

Oh, Netflix, purveyor of bad streaming science fiction, how did I ever live without you? Proving that not all claymation is beautiful, Star Warp’d is twenty-five minutes of science fiction references and characters gone wrong. How can so many of my favorite icons be in one place, and yet have barely a shred of coolness or humor? What plot there is involves clay versions of Kirk and Spock running from a flatulent parody of Darth Vader. Along the way, everyone from the Terminator to RoboCop to a certain xenomorph make an appearance, but it’s really not worth the effort. Make your own movie instead, using stop-motion marshmallows. I have to admit that I kind of liked the little storm trooper guys, though. Grade: D+ (plus gas)

Movie Review: Hunter Prey (2010)

Hunter Prey (2010)
Stars: Isaac C. Singleton Jr, Clark Bartram, Damion Poitier, Simon Potter, Erin Grey, Sandy Collora
Director: Sandy Collora

The listing above is the entire cast of this low budget science fiction film, shot in the Mexican desert with high-def digital cameras. Crash-landed on a desert planet, the surviving members of the Prometheus crew are tasked with tracking down an escaped prisoner. This standard science fiction plot is bolstered by the natural desolate beauty of the desert and sky- wonderfully brought to life in high definition. This is a step up from other B-grade fare, but suffers from pacing problems. There are a few nice plot twists, but I spent most the film wondering what Spartans from the HALO universe were doing in the movie. There’s even a perky A.I., with a voice similar to Cortana’s in those games. I still enjoyed the ride, though, more than I thought I would. B-Movie Grade: B-