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C’mon, Matt Smith, Grow on Me

We’ve only watched two episodes of Season/Series Five of Doctor Who, featuring Matt Smith. Considering such a small sampling, I’m going to assume he will grow on me. I’m hoping he chooses to do so very soon. The entire tone, production and filming of the series has changed, and I’ve yet to embrace Mr. Smith as anything more than a manic imitation of David Tennant. I’m writing this here, so that later I can return to laugh at myself. At that time, I will most likely think Matt Smith is the best Doctor ever, and wonder why the hell I ever had a problem with him. I just want that time to come right now. Too much to ask?

Cavebabble Episode 108: Doctor Who Two Part One

The Babblers return to the TARDIS, and continue our journey with the tenth Doctor, David Tennant. Martha Jones is also along for the ride, as we discuss season three of this science fiction television classic. We recorded audio for both season three and four, but the show was so long that we decided to break it into two parts. This episode is brought to you by Getting it Right.

Episode 108

Pig Men are Silly

We are continuing our journey with The Doctor, nearing the middle of series/season three. Daleks have invaded 1930’s New York, and created a pack of pig men. Having failed to realize the “mannequin things” in the pilot episode were a version of the Autons from the classic Doctor days, we assumed these ridiculous pig people were also a version of something considered sacred by Who fans everywhere. Nope. They’re just silly pig men, originating in this two-part story arc. From now on, I’m simply going to call silly things what they are, rather than worry about their origins. Pig men are silly!