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Cavebabble Episode 155: Thunderball and the Monster Dog Quiz

Cavebabble 2012
Our adventures with James Bond continue with Thunderball. Release the scuba fighers! Afterward, we hop into a van with Alice Cooper for the 1984 cult movie, Monster Dog. Having never seen the film, will Valerie pass the Monster Dog Quiz? Will you? The show also includes the latest Cavebabble Eats Odd Things. This episode is brought to you by Deep Sea Dog Fighting.

Episode 155

Cavebabble Episode 139: The Burning of Sleepaway Camp 2

Summer camps were dangerous places to stay in the 80s. Just ask the stars of The Burning and Sleepaway Camp 2. Unhappy campers, indeed. The Burning launched Jason Alexander, Fisher Stevens, Holly Hunter, and the Weinsteins of Miramax fame. Sleepaway Camp 2 featured siblings of the famous. Which do we prefer? Warning: Spoilers throughout. This episode is brought to you by Rolled Sleeves.

Episode 139

Cavebabble Episode 138: It’s Always Friday the 13th

Many episodes ago, we started our journey through the Friday the 13th movie franchise by chopping up the original film. Finally, we continue this journey by covering Part 2 and Part 3. Steve Miner directed both, with the latter taking advantage of the short-lived 3D revival of the early 80s. How well did he do? Listen in, and find out! This episode is brought to you by Games with Pucks.

Episode 138