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Cavebabble 110: Going Ape- The Planet of the Apes Films Part One

Step forward in time to the year 3955, when apes rule the planet, and humans are but a shadow of their former glory. Part One of our look at the Planet of the Apes films features the original 1968 classic, as well as Beneath the Planet of the Apes, and Escape From the Planet of the Apes. This episode is brought to you by Chuck’s Lower Teeth.

Episode 110

Rum and Coca Cola and Columbia

I love my family. We still do nearly everything together, and now and then they really crack me up. We hit Columbia yesterday to see the latest Pirates movie (average at best), and while we cruised the streets, Courtney had her MP3 player plugged into the car’s system, blaring 40s and 50s music of all things. We rolled the windows down, and shared the cheese with the world. There’s something special about rocking to Rum and Coca Cola. It’s just not something you expect a 17-yr-old to have on her player! This era of music is big with both Amber and her, and I love it.

Getting Back in the Twilight Zone

My latest interest is experiencing old television again. It started with a smattering of I Love Lucy, and is continuing with the original Twilight Zone. I’ve seen nearly all these episodes before, but it’s been a long time. The plots are classic, of course, but what I’ve been most struck by in this reexamination is the quality of the production. I’m streaming them on Netflix in HD, and the level of detail is fantastic. I’ve never seen these shows look better, and it’s a testament to the original production values that we have material able to shine this brightly. Big thumbs up. Can’t wait to experience it all.