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Cavebabble Episode 255: Babbling Upstate New York Road Trip, Part One

Cavebabble Episode 255 is on the road again, this time to upstate New York. Part One covers four states, one zoo, one national forest, one state park, and one interview with millionaire and Corvette Hall of Fame inductee, Mike Yager. Join us! This episode is brought to you by Too Ignorant To Be Nervous.

Episode 255

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The following songs are used in this episode. All copyrights are to the artists listed.

Mississippi River Song by Pamela McNeill

The Tin Man by Schaffer the Darklord

In This Song, I Sing About My Garage Door Opener by The Very Nice Interesting Singer Man

Voice clip from 2018 Corvette Hall of Fame–Mike Yager by Corvette Museum

The One I Loved Back Then (The Corvette Song) by George Jones

I Go To the Zoo by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW)

People Watching by Jack Johnson

Canal Boat Song by Glas

Good Morning Song by Kiboomers

Ohio by Damien Jurado

Electric Shock by f(x)

The Day I Died by Just Jack

Don’t Put It in Your Mouth by Concerned Childrens Advertisers

Knock on Wood by Amii Stewart

Allegheny Moon by Patti Page

Falling Down by Duran Duran

Apes Should Fly Planes

Yesterday, I finished reading Planet of the Apes, by French author Pierre Boulle. It’s the novel which set all the films in motion, and as with most adaptations, what’s left behind in the translation to film is quite substantial. The apes in Boulle’s book are far more advanced than their movie counterparts. On their home planet of Soror, ape-kind enjoys a lifestyle very similar to humans on modern earth- cars, planes, technology, cities, business wear. For the most part, I can understand the changes they made. “Modern” clothing looked pretty silly on Zira and Cornelius in Escape From the Planet of the Apes. For comfort’s sake, why would any ape choose to wear clothing designed to fit a different species?

Airplanes are different, though. I think every ape would love to join the mile-high club.

Remember That Movie About Transformers?

This one is just like that. Transformers: Dark of the Moon is an attempt to take the good parts from the original and its unfortunate sequel, smash them together, update the action to 2011 standards and tech, and splash it all over the screen. The fights are bigger, the bad guys badder, and the robots amped to eleven. It’s dumb fun for a while, and a real 3D showcase. It’s also too darn long by about twenty minutes or more, and shallow as a sink. It’s better than the last, on par with the original, and the last time I’m going to bother seeing these in the theater. Grade: C+

Pig Men are Silly

We are continuing our journey with The Doctor, nearing the middle of series/season three. Daleks have invaded 1930’s New York, and created a pack of pig men. Having failed to realize the “mannequin things” in the pilot episode were a version of the Autons from the classic Doctor days, we assumed these ridiculous pig people were also a version of something considered sacred by Who fans everywhere. Nope. They’re just silly pig men, originating in this two-part story arc. From now on, I’m simply going to call silly things what they are, rather than worry about their origins. Pig men are silly!

Movie Review: Hunter Prey (2010)

Hunter Prey (2010)
Stars: Isaac C. Singleton Jr, Clark Bartram, Damion Poitier, Simon Potter, Erin Grey, Sandy Collora
Director: Sandy Collora

The listing above is the entire cast of this low budget science fiction film, shot in the Mexican desert with high-def digital cameras. Crash-landed on a desert planet, the surviving members of the Prometheus crew are tasked with tracking down an escaped prisoner. This standard science fiction plot is bolstered by the natural desolate beauty of the desert and sky- wonderfully brought to life in high definition. This is a step up from other B-grade fare, but suffers from pacing problems. There are a few nice plot twists, but I spent most the film wondering what Spartans from the HALO universe were doing in the movie. There’s even a perky A.I., with a voice similar to Cortana’s in those games. I still enjoyed the ride, though, more than I thought I would. B-Movie Grade: B-

Can’t Get Enough Johnnie To

Each week, I’m a little more enamored with Hong Kong director Johnnie To. Thanks to Netflix, several of his films are available to stream, and I’m eating them up like candy. If you’ve not seen movies such as Exiled, Election, Election 2 (Triad Election), and Vengeance, you won’t regret it. Well, at least not if you’re a fan of organized crime and gritty drama films. Think of them as a set of Asian Godfather movies, especially in the case of the Election saga. Violent? Absolutely. But also compelling and wonderfully filmed. Johnnie To is a very prolific director, which means I won’t be running out of material to watch any time soon. Can’t wait.