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Cavebabble Episode 126: Kick the Can with Charlie Chaplin

The Twilight Zone
 meets The Tramp on the way to Sunnyvale Rest Home! Inspired by the 50th anniversary of the classic Twilight Zone episode, Kick the Can, we travel through a dimension of sight and (sometimes) sound, ultimately ending up in 1914, enjoying the silent comic antics of Charlie Chaplin. Join us! This episode is brought to you by Black and White Talkie Talkie.

What Deep Space?

We are about to watch the pilot episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, for the podcast next week. This has me questioning something I never did the entire time I was enjoying this series way back when. Exactly why is this show called Deep Space Nine? What Deep Space is the station in? It’s right near Bajor, isn’t it? Sure, it’s a long way from Earth, but after all, Earth isn’t the only planet in the Federation. Then again, I’m glad the show isn’t called Star Trek: In Orbit Nine.

Wandering Through the Season One Enterprise

I’ve now watched twenty episodes of the first season of Enterprise, and I’m starting to wonder why they bother having Ensign Mayweather on the show. So far, they’ve barely featured the poor guy. At least they let him pilot the ship. Perhaps they have a nice Mayweather-centric episode later on in the series, but I’m not holding my breath. He’s so one-dimensional at this point that any sort of featuring would be an improvement.

A Little Show Named Enterprise

For some reason, the Trek nerd in me refused to acknowledge Enterprise for a decade. I never did watch the series while it aired on television, and am just now working my way through the first season on Netflix. Having now sat through nine episodes, I’m shocked to admit that for a first season, most of these episodes are solid. How can this be? I’m supposed to hate them, aren’t I? I’ll hold off on final judgement until having seen the entire series, but right now I’m sorry for not having given it a chance…

..except for that godawful theme song. I can’t stand it. It’s been said a million times, but what the hell were they thinking?

C’mon, Matt Smith, Grow on Me

We’ve only watched two episodes of Season/Series Five of Doctor Who, featuring Matt Smith. Considering such a small sampling, I’m going to assume he will grow on me. I’m hoping he chooses to do so very soon. The entire tone, production and filming of the series has changed, and I’ve yet to embrace Mr. Smith as anything more than a manic imitation of David Tennant. I’m writing this here, so that later I can return to laugh at myself. At that time, I will most likely think Matt Smith is the best Doctor ever, and wonder why the hell I ever had a problem with him. I just want that time to come right now. Too much to ask?