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Cavebabble is Dead… Long Live Cavebabble!

Our time with Mevio is finished, and all our episodes have been transferred to Libsyn. Oddly enough, that’s where we started 5 1/2 years ago, before being lured away by free hosting. Despite being disappointed by a skimpy 10-day warning that everything would be killed, bitterly complaining about a service we paid nothing for doesn’t make much sense. We saved nearly three years’ worth of monthly fees. Would I do it again? Probably not. Support for free services is non-existent, and although leaning on stats to determine success isn’t a good way to… well, determine success, I’m glad to have reliable ones again. Libsyn offered free transfers to Mevio orphans, and it was greatly appreciated. It makes good business sense on their end, and fosters good will from producers like me. I don’t have any power, really, but I can add a small voice to thank them.

For those subscribed through iTunes, you shouldn’t notice a change, other than possibly having all past episodes opened up for download. I’ve redirected our Feedburner feed, and it seems to be handling iTunes just fine. For those visiting here, all links to episodes in this blog have been updated to the new file locations. For those subscribing through other services, using our Feedburner feed is the best option:

For all the links which may have been shared in others’ posts, re-posts and recommendations, I can’t replace them, but I can thank you for sharing them. You’ll probably never read this, but just in case…

Big Changes to Cavebabble, Thanks to Mevio

Those already part of our Facebook group have heard what is heading our way: Mevio, the current host of all our podcast episodes, has decided to shut down all outside-produced content, which includes Cavebabble, as well as the other PNR Networks shows. In just nine days, our past episode files no longer will be available, and deleted from Mevio’s servers.

We are in the process of lining up a replacement service for Mevio for file hosting. With 8.41 GB of past content, how we handle the back-catalog is still up in the air. With how I have the iTunes feed set, we should be able to migrate to the new location without interrupting service, or having to resubmit a new feed (which would be horrible!). If I upload all past episodes to the new servers, I will then need to go through all past postings, and update the show links. Long story short, I’m not sure what form all this will take, how many back episodes we will keep, or how long I will have the few remaining hairs I still cherish. I will keep this blog updated with the latest news, and hope we do not lose too many listeners in the process.

Thanks for listening, everyone, and hopefully this inconvenience will be a small one.

For a great explanation/rant about all this madness, read TC Kirkham’s post here:
Mevio Shuts Down, screws hundreds of podcasters; What next for PNR Networks podcasts?

Family Matters

On April 27, I lost a sister. It was sudden, completely unexpected, and not from an accident. Less than 24 hours in the hospital, she was gone, and we had very few answers as to why. I hadn’t seen Kathy in over a decade- we had written emails and chatted on the phone during that time, but in my mind she remained the same age I’d last seen her. After her death, viewing photos of her from the last two years has been surreal. My other two sisters remember this version of Kathy, but to me she is a different person. I was the only one she had yet to make a recent connection with, and now I will never have that chance. The month of May tripped and fell past me, with a heavy work schedule making it both easier and more difficult to deal with Kathy’s death. I wanted to post a memorial to her on Facebook, and on this blog, if only to scream that she had existed, and was important, even though I’d not been part of her life for some time. It was something I just couldn’t find the right words for, and so simply let it pass. Cavebabble slipped through the cracks during May, as well, mostly for the same reasons. Suddenly, everything seemed so trivial- I’d managed to ignore a part of what I’ve always claimed is so precious, which is family.

It seems like each time someone goes through a major loss, the story is the same. They extol the need to connect with family and friends while having a chance to, and urge everyone to not let moments pass without letting others know how much we love and care for them. As much as I don’t want to beat the same sappy drum, I can’t help but do much the same thing. It doesn’t require anything more than a simple word or two, or a four-sentence greeting. Just let those around you know that they matter somehow, and that for a moment, you spent time thinking of the ways they are important to and loved by you. It just takes a minute, and doesn’t require passing anything around the Net like a chain letter.  I have no idea how many may read this post- I’ve not kept this blog up to date in some time. I just want it in writing somewhere that Kathy Lyon Simmons was loved, and did matter, both to her family and friends. We loved you, Kathy, and will never forget you.

On the Road in Higginsville

The babblers went on the road today, in order to visit the Davis Theatre 4 in Higginsville, MO. This theater currently is one of three featured on TC Kirkham’s Save Our Screens (SOS) site. When we learned it was only two hours from home, we knew we had to take the trip. If you’ve listened to our Palaces, Drive-Ins and Multiplexes episode (#102), you’ve heard my story of the two palace-style theaters in the town I grew up in. Both were an integral part of my childhood, and any chance to visit similar venues is something I can’t miss.

The details of our adventure can wait until I’ve had a chance to edit the audio. But I wanted to post this special message tonight, just to thank the handful of people we briefly met today at the Davis 4:

Thank you, Darrin, Sara and Taylor Jensen (if I’m correctly spelling your names). We hope you enjoyed watching The Lorax today, and greatly appreciate your advice to visit the Confederate cemetery just north of town. We spent some time there taking photos and video, and enjoyed every second of it.

Thank you, Jackie, Blake, and Matt- the staff at the Davis Theatre 4. We buzzed into town without much of a plan, and you were nice enough to allow us to wander around a bit. I may not remember names to save my life, but I certainly won’t forget our visit. If it all seems a little strange, I hope you’ll give the show a listen, and like what you hear.

Visit the Davis 4 Theater’s page, and see how you can help save their screens:

For more information, visit TC’s Save Our Screens page: 

URGENT for PNR Networks Fans: Prepare for file migration

If you haven’t seen the news as yet, PNR Networks is one of the services that have been hit by what I’ve taken to calling the “MEVIO Massacre”. Although at last check most podcasts were up and online again, we have decided not to take chances with this in the future.

For more info on the situation, check out this post:

This weekend, I  will begin to implement plans to move all files currently on Mevio – the podcasts themselves – to a new independent service platform. This move will affect all current PNR Networks podcasts –  Subject:CINEMA, Subject:CINEMA MICRO Focus, Mirrorball Mayhem, Platinum Roses’ Garden, and Cavebabble – as well as older shows archived on Mevio.

At the time this migration takes place, the podcast feeds WILL CHANGE. If you subscribe through any site other than this one, you will want to check your feed because it may no longer work. This especially affects anyone listening directly on Mevio or subscribing through our Mevio feed, which is the feed that has been made available on iTunes and other sites as well. It will take the better part of a week for me to find and catch up all the outlying feeds, so the easiest thing to do is this:

If you subscribe to our shows, you WILL need to unsubscribe and resubscribe to the new feeds once they are available.

Any PNR fan who may have some technical know-how who wants to make themselves available with advice and counsel during the next two weeks would be greatly appreciated – drop me a line and we’ll chat.

We will make a formal announcement at some point when the migration has completed so if you haven’t subscribed to the general RSS feed, now is the time to do it, because paraphrasing Emergency Broadcasting tests, “The attention signal sent our way by Mevio and contingency plans now being implemented by thousands of PISSED OFF podcasters will be followed by official PNR information, news, and instructions.”

Please hang with us in this time of crisis – I promise you we’ll get through this together!

TC Kirkham, Owner/Webmaster
PNR Networks

Not Dead Yet

Cavebabble hasn’t died. Really, it hasn’t. You just wouldn’t know from my lack of posting in the last couple weeks. I’m back at it now, but am wondering if I would be better off just posting this stuff on our Facebook page. Certainly, more people would read it. Hmm. Decisions, decisions…

Going Ape

Cavebabble is going to spend at least two shows covering the hairy world of the Planet of the Apes movies. We may even venture into the world of the live action and animated television series. Big thanks go out to Our Friend Russell. He’s provided us with a great complete boxed DVD set to enjoy for a while.