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Cavebabble 106: Games and Things

It’s game time! Tonight, we chat about the old and new game we currently are playing, discuss Nintendo’s recently-announced Wii U, and share the latest in urinal game technology. Yes, you read that correctly. Along the way, we tackle Cavebabble Facebook comments, listener email, and a new addition to the Cavebabble Eats Odd Things series: Rose-flavored gum from Japan . This episode is brought to you by Two Years Ago.

Cavebabble 106

Deadly Duo Quartet

We continue to prepare for our crossover episodes with Subject: Cinema by watching the kung fu “epic” Deadly Duo. As usual, the titles of these Chinese martial arts movies often have little to do with the actual plot. By the end, I still wasn’t sure which characters were the deadly duo, since for the most part there were at least four characters being randomly attacked throughout the movie. I can verify they were deadly, though, so at least half the title is true.

Rum and Coca Cola and Columbia

I love my family. We still do nearly everything together, and now and then they really crack me up. We hit Columbia yesterday to see the latest Pirates movie (average at best), and while we cruised the streets, Courtney had her MP3 player plugged into the car’s system, blaring 40s and 50s music of all things. We rolled the windows down, and shared the cheese with the world. There’s something special about rocking to Rum and Coca Cola. It’s just not something you expect a 17-yr-old to have on her player! This era of music is big with both Amber and her, and I love it.

Cavebabble Episode 101: Lucy, I’m Home!

In 1951, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz joined forces to produce one the most endearing and enduring American television shows in history, I Love Lucy. Tonight, we take a look at this iconic television program, and what made both it and Lucille Ball so popular. Along the way, we also cover tornadoes, read email, and even share a cookie recipe or two. Join us! This episode is brought to you by Eeeww.

Episode 101

One Bad Costume: The Science Patrol in Ultraman

It’s tough to get much worse than the costumes in Japan’s Ultraman series. Forget the main character, though. The members of the Science Patrol are far worse offenders. Orange stretchy pants shoved into black boots, orange and white tops, and ties? Are you trying to get beaten up on the playground? Extra points for adding a thin utility belt, which seems to ride somewhere just under the ribcage. Ouch!

One Bad Costume: Bele and Lokai in Star Trek

In the classic Trek episode Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, the absurdity of racism is explored via aliens with faces of opposing colors which look identical upon first glance. It was a wonderful concept, but one which unfortunately ended at the neck. I’m not sure which makes me more uncomfortable- the bulging tights, or the muffin-top-emphasizing shirts. Either way, it all adds up to one bad costume.