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I'm the husband of one, father of two, brother of three, co-host and producer of the Cavebabble Podcast, and have been an electronic musician for nearly twenty years.

Episode 5 Shownotes: 50% Less Awesome

We’re getting ready for our next podcast episode by not brainstorming a topic. We have limited space on Libsyn until the 23rd, so will need to record a shorter show. Maybe I should just edit out half of each sentence we say. Perhaps the verbs. There will be too many of them anyway, don’t you think? In reality, if I would just cut my usage of the word awesome by 50%, each podcast would be about ten minutes shorter, anyway.
I’ve not mentioned this before, but if anyone is curious about the music we play in the podcast, it’s my own, written under the name EyeOh. There’s a link to my sorely-in-need-of-an-update music site on the sidebar.

Tastes Like Chicken

All four members of the C.A.V.E. will be downtown tonight, shambling around as part of the first annual Zombie Walk (capitalized to increase importance). I spent the morning brewing up blood, and rubbing mud on my torn clothes. Zombies have it tough. Walking is very difficult for us, but to make matters worse, we survive on brains, which are notoriously difficult to get out of their containers. We keep organizing walks like the one tonight to raise awareness of our plight, but they keep getting mistaken for invasions. I’m sure we will podcast about it tomorrow.