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I'm the husband of one, father of two, brother of three, co-host and producer of the Cavebabble Podcast, and have been an electronic musician for nearly twenty years.

Episode 06 Shownotes

This week’s topic will combine both games and movies, with a discussion of video games that have been turned into films. Considering the quality of most of the efforts, it’s rarely a good idea to make one, yet more are filmed each year. We will also share a dream list of games we would love to see on the big screen. As usual, the show should be posted tomorrow night.

Sci-Fi Corporations: Tyrell

More Human Than Human is the motto of Bladerunner‘s Tyrell Corporation, designer and manufacturer of replicants. The corporation manufactures these artificial humans for use in dangerous or undesirable occupations, much like slaves. The head of the corporation, Dr. Eldon Tyrell, has his eyes gouged out by one of his creations, which seems a fitting end. Then again, Tyrell manages to make Sean Young seem human, which is quite a feat, and should be recognized.

Sci-Fi Corporations: Omni Consumer Products

Featured in the Robocop films, the tower of Omni Consumer Products looms over every aspect of life in New Detroit, including the city police force, which is on OCP’s payroll. Within the ranks of this company, rival security projects vie for attention and dollars. Robocop is one of these projects, directly in competition with the Enforcement Droid Series 209 (ED-209).

Shownotes: Cavebabble Episode 05

Some films are just bad. Others have a single moment that sends the entire movie off the tracks. For this week’s podcast, we’ll be babbling about scenes and films that jump the shark, nuke the fridge, or make us groan. Even the best of movies have their odd moments, and we plan to chat about those, as well. Now, if I could just get these Halloween guests to go home…

iTuned In

Cavebabble is on the air… again. On iTunes, that is. I’ve finally finished up the artwork, submitted our podcast for inclusion in the iTunes store (although there’s no charge for the show, of course), and been accepted. We should be part of the iTunes search engine in the next day. So, if anyone would like to subscribe to us in iTunes, just search for Cavebabble, or head over to:

Sci-Fi Corporations: Weyland-Yutani

I’ve started brainstorming various corporations from the science fiction film world, and thought I’d introduce a new one each week, starting with my personal favorite.
The Weyland-Yutani Corporation is from the various Alien films. Simply called The Company in the movies, Weyland-Yutani is responsible for bringing humankind face-to-face (literally) with the alien species, in hopes of great advances in The Company’s bio-weapons division. Thanks, Weyland-Yutani!

Free Juggling Lessons!

We won’t be able to podcast tonight, and I’m disappointed. I’ve gotten used to our schedule, and look forward to our Sunday evening recording sessions. It’s my own fault, though. When we first signed up for Libsyn space, I failed to keep in mind how archiving works. Once a podcast is one month old, Libsyn archives it, and frees up that much space to add another episode. Our first podcast was very short, and so the space made available when it archived was equally small. Since we already did a mini-cast last week, I didn’t want to get into a routine where we need to mini-cast two weekends in a row before getting enough space to have a regular show. Long story short, we will return next Sunday evening with a full-length episode, and be on the correct schedule from then on. In the meantime, I’ll work on some bonus content for the show.
I do know how to juggle three balls, but don’t have any lessons to share. Would you have read this post if I named it Incredibly Boring Excuse for Not Recording Tonight?

Episode 5 Shownotes: 50% Less Awesome

We’re getting ready for our next podcast episode by not brainstorming a topic. We have limited space on Libsyn until the 23rd, so will need to record a shorter show. Maybe I should just edit out half of each sentence we say. Perhaps the verbs. There will be too many of them anyway, don’t you think? In reality, if I would just cut my usage of the word awesome by 50%, each podcast would be about ten minutes shorter, anyway.
I’ve not mentioned this before, but if anyone is curious about the music we play in the podcast, it’s my own, written under the name EyeOh. There’s a link to my sorely-in-need-of-an-update music site on the sidebar.