Subject: Cinebabble is In the Can

The first ever crossover show between Subject: Cinema and Cavebabble has been recorded and edited, and is awaiting release upon the unsuspecting world this weekend. It was a blast recording with TC and Kim, and we can’t wait for our second show, scheduled for recording the first week of August.

The concept of these crossovers is simple- we have them watch two terrible films, and they in turn have us watch two others. Then we get together and tear them apart, and each other for being subjected to such trash. The difference with our next crossover is that we each are watching one terrible film, and one film which the other show loves, but which we have never seen. The fun of this show will be in how others react to films we love. All I know is that if Kim and TC don’t love The Fall, then we may have to send a goon squad after them.

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