(Short) Movie Review: Star Warp’d (2002)

Teeny Tiny Film:
Star Warp’d (2002)
Stars: Various ugly clay versions of famous science fiction characters
Director: Pete Schuermann

Oh, Netflix, purveyor of bad streaming science fiction, how did I ever live without you? Proving that not all claymation is beautiful, Star Warp’d is twenty-five minutes of science fiction references and characters gone wrong. How can so many of my favorite icons be in one place, and yet have barely a shred of coolness or humor? What plot there is involves clay versions of Kirk and Spock running from a flatulent parody of Darth Vader. Along the way, everyone from the Terminator to RoboCop to a certain xenomorph make an appearance, but it’s really not worth the effort. Make your own movie instead, using stop-motion marshmallows. I have to admit that I kind of liked the little storm trooper guys, though. Grade: D+ (plus gas)

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