Zombies… Again?

Have we finally squeezed the last ounce of brain matter out of the zombie genre yet? Thanks to The Walking Dead on television, it seems like an extra 15 minutes has been added to the zombies’ moment of fame. And there to revisit the undead again is Cavebabble. This week’s episode should be a fun one. The challenge? Choose four movie or video game characters each of us would want on our living team when the inevitable apocalypse arrives. If you would like to play along with us, here are the rules. Any character is fair game, with the following exceptions: 1) No super powers. Face it, Superman is the only choice anyone would need. Too easy. 2) No magic. Sure, any sufficiently advanced technology seems like magic, but we’re talking about the “real” thing. No wizards, witches, mages, etc, unless they give up their powers, and swing an ax or something. And that’s about it. Sound like fun? There are thousands of choices, and we would love to hear yours. If you have a team to share with us before Sunday morning, we will feature it during this week’s show. If you send something after that, we will share it on a future episode. Drop us a line: cavebabble@gmail.com

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