Revisiting Flickchart

It’s been some time since I’ve messed with Flickchart ( If you’ve not tried it, the concept is simple. The service chooses two random films, and places them side-by-side on the screen. You must choose which of the two you prefer. Flickchart then saves your choice, and brings up two more. As you continue voting, it builds a list of your favorite films. Soon, it’s pitting films on your list against one another, making your decisions tougher and tougher. My problem is that having voted nearly two thousand times, a few of my top films have yet to be offered as a choice. I’m playing with it again today to see if things work differently. I love Back to the Future, but it’s not my 6th favorite movie of all time! Try it out. If you’re a film fan, you will be surprised how agonizing some of your choices will be.
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