One Bad Costume: Bele and Lokai in Star Trek

In the classic Trek episode Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, the absurdity of racism is explored via aliens with faces of opposing colors which look identical upon first glance. It was a wonderful concept, but one which unfortunately ended at the neck. I’m not sure which makes me more uncomfortable- the bulging tights, or the muffin-top-emphasizing shirts. Either way, it all adds up to one bad costume.
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2 thoughts on “One Bad Costume: Bele and Lokai in Star Trek”

  1. Aieee! I know the budget was cut drastically for the 3rd season, but this was ridiculous! The makeup (and the whole premise of the episode) was good, but the costumes were appalling. By the way, I dressed up as one of the "black/white" aliens for Halloween once and I looked pretty good – and my clothes were much better!

  2. They should have gone all the way, and had every costume be a variation of tights and sweats. Actors wouldn't have had to dress up for work.

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