One Bad Costume: Minilla (Son of Godzilla) in Anything

Godzilla was one bad monster until his son arrived, and humanized the whole franchise. I love Godzilla. I really can’t handle Minilla, however, and the costume is atrocious. I’m not saying any more than most Godzilla fans also say, but I’ll add my voice to the chorus. Uggh!
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3 thoughts on “One Bad Costume: Minilla (Son of Godzilla) in Anything”

  1. It pains me to admit I watched the Godzilla cartoon. Godzooky is the cartoon version of the smart-mouthed kid at school with a huge older brother. Everyone wants to punch him, but are afraid of him bringing his brother into the fight.

  2. Whaaa?! The hatching scenes in Son of Godzila were the scariest moments in the entire franchise!

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