One Bad Costume: Judge Dredd in Judge Dredd

This is a great example of a costume which doesn’t translate well between the image on a page and an actor on a screen. As a comic, Dredd’s uniform is just fine. As a live image, not so much. From the massive golden shoulder eagle to the half-shade helmet, Stallone looks… well, a bit silly. Not to mention that codpiece. Guilty pleasure alert: I’m one of ten people who actually like this film. It may have something to do with the presence of Diane Lane. Okay, a lot to do with the presence of Diane Lane.
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2 thoughts on “One Bad Costume: Judge Dredd in Judge Dredd”

  1. I'm forced to agree, citizen. You have to give them credit, though, for not "modernizing" the costumes for today's "sophisticated" audiences, and instead making them look just like the comic book. I'm a long time Judge Dredd fan, and I am another one who thought they did a good job with this movie. Sylvester Stallone was the perfect choice for Dredd. It also didn't bother me that he took his helmut off in the movie, even though he never did in the comics.Have you ever read or seen GrimJack? That's another great comic character whose costume will not translate well on the big screen…

  2. The amount of helmet removal seems directly proportional to the salary of the actor. Otherwise, you go the Power Ranger route, and dub voices over Unknown Actor #4.Just looked at GrimJack, and you're right. This would never translate well to the big screen. I'm interested in the character now, though.

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