One Bad Costume: Dr. McCoy in Star Trek: The Motion Picture

It’s no secret that I absolutely love the Star Trek universe, in all forms other than Enterprise. When it comes to questionable costume choices, however, the original television series and films have produced some tasty examples. My personal favorite is good old Dr. McCoy as he first appears in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Mountain man beard, huge medallion, dominant belt buckle. Hubba hubba! Somehow, the Seventies are transported to the 23rd century. Deforest Kelley donned enough of these types of clothes in the films that I wonder if they were much different from his actual wardrobe.
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One thought on “One Bad Costume: Dr. McCoy in Star Trek: The Motion Picture”

  1. I completely agree. Of course, the good doctor wasn't the only one with a bad costume in "The Motionless Picture"–I'd say that the monochromatic pajamas the rest of the crew was wearing would also certainly qualify. I don't know who designed the costumes for the first movie, but I'm glad that whoever did was not called back for the rest of them.

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