It’s Getting Steamy in Here

Some days, I feel like a walking advertisement for Valve’s Steam service. Most gamers are at least familiar with this online game delivery platform, but I’ve slowly become an addict. When Steam has a sale (which happens frequently), the discounts are incredible, and I can’t resist them. Packs of AAA games often sell for $2.50 a game. My Steam library is sixty titles strong at this point- more content than I will play in the next three years. Yet, I still keep an eye out for the next big sale. Darn you, Valve! Darn you to heck! (P.S. I love you).
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One thought on “It’s Getting Steamy in Here”

  1. I agree, Darn you Steam. You lured my husband away with your taunts of nonstop fun, making me a widow before my time, shoving me into the world of FaceBok games. Darn you all to heck!Signed The Widow

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