iTunes Woes…

Each week, I make sure the podcast has been uploaded correctly by opening iTunes, which automatically downloads the latest episode for me. Well, having just purchased a new computer, I was setting up iTunes again, and went to the Cavebabble page in the iTunes store… only to find that the feed has been broken since January of this year! Anyone subscribing to us on iTunes since that date has been accessing the wrong feed, and probably have left, thinking we don’t podcast anymore. Oh, woe! A Feedburner redirect is the culprit, and having deleted that Feedburner feed, I have no way of updating iTunes with the correct one.

If anyone wishes to subscribe to our true feed within iTunes, please do the following:
Within iTunes, under the Advanced menu at the top, choose Subscribe to a Podcast. When the window pops up, enter:

Boom! You’re subscribed. I will continue attempting to fix our current store feed, but wanted to pass the information along.
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