Cavebabble Episode 07: It’s Good to be Bad- In the Movies

This week, we celebrate movie villains that we love to hate, and hate to love. Somehow, we also manage to dredge up a television baddie or two, and another from an anime series. So, give in to the dark side, and join us! And remember- this week’s podcast is brought to you by square pancakes.
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2 thoughts on “Cavebabble Episode 07: It’s Good to be Bad- In the Movies”

  1. :O and now my pancakes are immortal…and with them my embarrassment for my lack of shape knowledge…..I fail…

  2. Fail? Absolutely not! It’s true that your pancakes were the inspiration for our dedication (you may thank Amber for that), but the ability to create fluffy delights in an unnatural shape shouldn’t be scorned. You’re just one side away from a pentagon, and imagine how famous you’ll be if you manage that.

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