Cavebabble Episode 04.5: Living in Oblivion

This week, we share a mini-cast of love for the game Oblivion. There was so much to talk about that I didn’t have enough space for some great bumper music I had lined up from the game, or a touching introduction to The Adoring Fan, either. It’s not all bad, though. Every download of this episode increases your strength by one.
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2 thoughts on “Cavebabble Episode 04.5: Living in Oblivion”

  1. Oh! You lost the fan! He is probably starving some place in the mountains, cold, alone, hungry, chased by a minator, a troll, a bear, a vampire, and perish the thought a storm Antioch… All he wanted to do was be your adoring fan and celebrate the wonder of you! And you lost your horse… Your loyal steed! I am speechless… You are right they are probably riding together with they guy who wanted to ask if you needed help!They both deserve a moment of silence…Cavebabblers, great podcast!

  2. By Azura, by Azura, by Azura! We have a comment! Had I known this might happen, I would have lost the Adoring Fan ages ago.

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